Little Notes

Means ’20’

After few days past of my new year, several things changing should be made. It is now 20, buddy. I just can’t feel how a man supposed to be at that age. Of course, so much changing had done. So much differences has been made until now. More knowledge, more experience, and more challenge. But there’s a big deal just happened few days ago. I was failed, in one of my class. Academically, it possibly fixed. But physiologically, smashing me at all. Until now, I was failed at two class. So at the next year, I have to re-enter the classes again. It’s called consequences. Who try more, he will get more.

That is a important lesson, big changing that I have to fight for. It’s not a fair way to blame any other. All fault is in myself. “It’s not a war between me and the world, but it’s a war between me and myself.”

Little change, start from reschedule my daily activities. Started from wake up, and finally get to bed time. Make sure those lists are done in every day. And keep seeing on the dream that wait you there, some day. Keep focus, brave heart, strong believe, unstopped pray, consistence and never give up, it’s all you need to be.

‘20’ means changing. Change from a boy into a young man. To be someone who realize his responsibility as a leader of himself and one day a family. That’s not easy anyway. So much things to be prepared. To be someone you want to. To a purpose you want to. It’s a fair value to pay for.

Make it all happened man, it’s impossible that you can’t do it!!


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